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2013 Mid-Autumn Day holiday arrangements are as follows
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                              2013 Mid-Autumn Day holiday arrangements are as follows
Dear customers:
        " Mid-Autumn Day" is approaching, Shenzhen Jie Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. in accordance with the provisions of national holidays 

         2013 Mid-Autumn Day days off for 3 days from September 19th to September 21th,September 22 th (Sunday)to work as usual.
        Customers need to order DC-DC power modules, isolation amplifiers, isolation transmitter and other isolator accessories,Please make arrangements in advance, so as not to affect the normal production of your company .
        If having questions, please contact the duty staff: Mr. Huang Tel: 13378668659
                                                                                           Wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Day!
        Shenzhen Jie Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. once again thanks for your trust and support!
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