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Addr: TianAn Cyber ​​Park Times Building Futian Shenzhen China
Tel: 0755-28099259
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Mail: jieshengda@jsd-iae.com
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    Shenzhen Jie Shengda Technology Co., Ltd. is a together development, production, trade as one of the high-tech enterprises, its has been dedicating to design and produce AC-DC converter, DC-DC converter, high-voltage conveter, medium-Voltage converter, micro-power DC-DC converter, isolation transmitter, isolation amplifier, signal isolator, 4-20mA isolation Amplifier, 4-20mA series, distributors series, Splitters series, conditioner, two-wire active isolation amplifier, active isolation amplifiers (optocoupler isolations and magnetic isolations two series), mV level small signal isolation amplifiers, isolation power transmitters, PT100 RTD tempreture signal isolation transmitter, power isolation transmitter, fence, V/F frequency isolation transmitter, resistors (displacement) signal isolation transmitter, switch signal isolation transmitter, pressure isolation transmitter , F/V frequency isolation transmitter, non-isolated amplifiers, analog/digital signal isolation acquisition, digital/analog isolated RS-232/RS-485 signal acquisition modules and the digital isolation acquisition modules.Self-developed products meet international standards, products performance reliability and through EMC Certification (CE certification), the input and output signals are adopting international standard signal designs. (eg: 0~±20mA/0~10V/0~20mA/0~5V/4~20mA/1~5V/0~± 10mA/0~±10V, etc.) compatible with the vast majority of domestic and foreign well-known brands,our products categories covering more than thousands , is idustrial Automation aplications analog signals, digital signals hybrid integrated circuit development, and manufacturing companies.

    By all the people’s unremitting efforts ,our products has been widely used in the electricity, telecommunications, instrumentation, industrial measurement systems, medical equipment, industrial intelligence, intelligent cars, intelligent building control, automotive electronics, security, environmental protection, food, heating and air conditioning systerms, water treatment, petrochemical, coal mining , metallurgy, shipbuilding, military and other fields , At the same time providing high qality products to customers in different areas, to provide different functions of products, to offerr customized products, to provide customers with a reasonable solution and so on.

    Jie Shengda establish a "people-oriented, customer first, forge ahead, and common development" for business purposes, "honesty, pragmatism, dedication, innovation" for management philosophy, the company relies on technology and development, and constantly provide customers with high-tech products, is up to people of all Jie Sheng constant pursuit. Continue to provide users with high-tech products is Jie Sheng da techonology constant pursuit
    Today ,Jie Shengda pursuing "rigorous and realistic progressive unity", continuous innovation, "technology as the core, depending on the quality of life, with action to prove", dedicated to providing high quality products, at the same time to provide you with the most professional one-stop service.

   For more technical information, please visit Shenzhen Jie Shengda Technology Co., Ltd. official website or call the company
Official website:  http://www.jsd-iae.com   http://www.jsd-iac.com     Tel 0755 -28,099,259

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